How it works

Four simple steps

1. Signing up

Send 0.08 ETH to your upline, wich will back after the first referral

2. Log in

In 1 click without password (we never ask for private keys)

3. Attract referrals

Attract referrals or wait referrals from the system

4. Income

Receive funds immediately to ETH wallet without confirmation and payment requests

Detailed instructions

0. Ethereum


If you haven't an Ethereum wallet, read more about it in Ethereum FAQ.

1. Sign up


Send 0.08 ETH from your Ethereum wallet to your upline. And the first user came after you will return this amount back to you.
For that send 0.08 ETH to the smart contract address and enter a number of your upline Ethereum-wallet to the "Input DATA" MANDATORY field (otherwise, the smart contract will not accept the transfer and the funds will remain with you). If you use MetaMask, the transaction is done in 1 click, and the address of your upline will be inserted into the "Input DATA " field AUTOMATICALLY.
The smart contract instantly redirects the funds to your first-line upline (your direct inviter), and assigns you the first level in the system. A successful transaction will register you in the System and assign the 1st level to Your account (more details about the levels below).
Simple and clear guide on the page Sign up.

Important! If your wallet address from which you send funds is in CryptoHands, then you can not specify the upline, but simply transfer the funds to the address of the smart contract. In this case, your upline is your closest upline from CryptoHands, which is DoubleWay. You get not only overflows, but also other referrals that registered later than you, even if they were your uplines in CryptoHands.


These 0.08 ETH will return to you fully after the first referral.

2. Log In


SIGN IN the account, entering only the number of your Ethereum-wallet (without password), or via MetaMask.
Account can not be hacked, because there is nothing to hack and there is no password. When you enter the address in your account, the information of this wallet will be taken from the blockchain Ethereum and displayed,
Account can not be blocked by anyone, including the administration of the project, and the wallet can not be changed to another.
Your Ethereum wallet also cannot be blocked due to decentralization. This is a feature of cryptocurrency.
We never ask you to enter your private keys.

3. Attract or wait for referrals


After purchasing Level 1 You can invite 2 referals personally. These are your 1st line referrals.


If you have invited 2 referrals and then invited the 3th, he will be automatically directed to your referrals in order from the first in the list and if each of them has all 2 slots filled, he will be directed to the referral of your referral. Overflows work up to 10 lines inclusive . Details in FAQ.

3.3. Free referrals.

Free referrals are distributed evenly throughout the System, and starting with those uplines, who earlier registered in the System.

4. Income

4.1. (1 level)

The first referral you have invited or received from the System transfers 0.08 ETH to you. And from 2 referrals of the 1st line you can receive 0.16 ETH in total.

4.2. (2 level)

Then you transfer all 0.16 ETH to the upline of your upline (to your second-line upline), thereby purchasing the 2nd level.
The second and all the next levels can be bought immediately after the purchase of the previous level, without waiting for all the slots to be filled with referrals. More info below.
When you acquire level 2 from your second line upline, referrals of your referrals (or your referrals of the 2nd line ) can buy level 2 from you. 4 people transferred 0.16 ETH to you and you have 0.64 ETH on the second level as total.

4.3. (3 level)

After the purchase of the second level You can purchase 3th level, by making a transaction of 0.32 ETH to your 3rd line upline.
Now 8 referrals of the 3rd line can buy the 3rd level from you. In total, 2.64 ETH can be transferred to you already at the 3rd level.

4.4. (4 level)

You can purchase the 4th level by making a 0.64 ETH transfer to your 4th line upline.
16 referrals of the 4th line can make transfer to you of 0.64 ETH from every of them. And already at the 4th level you can be transferred for 10.24 ETH in total.

4.5. (5 level)

You can buy level 5 by making a transaction of 1.28 ETH to your 5st line upline.
After that Your 5st line referrals can purchase the 5th level from You. Each of 32 referrals send You 1.28 ETH. In total, you can be transferred for 40.96 ETH on the 5th level.

4.6. (6 level)

Level 6 can be bought from your line 6 upline by making a transfer of 2.56 ETH.
After purchasing the 6th level, your 6th line referrals can purchase a 6th level from you. 64 people can transfer to you 2.56 ETH by every of them. In total, you will be transferred for 163.84 ETH on the 6th level.

4.7. (7 level)

To buy the 7th level, you have to transfer 5.12 ETH to your 7rd line upline.
After purchasing the 7th level, referrals of the 7th line can buy the 7th level from you. 128 people can transfer 5.12 ETH to you by every of them. In total on the 7th level you can be transferred for 655.36 ETH.

4.8. (8 level)

To purchase the last 8th level, you have to make a transfer of 10.24 ETH to your 8th line upline.
After purchase of 8th level You can be accessed for stransactions of 10.24 ETH from 256 Your referrals of 8th line. In total on the 8th level you can receive 2621.44 ETH.

4.9.1 Total profit per month.

Strictly income per 64 days: 3495.2 ETH. Net profit per 64 days: 3474.8 ETH. (Next: 3500 ETH).

4.9.2 Total profit per year.

Strictly income per year: 20971.2 ETH. Net profit per year: 20848.8 ETH. (Next: 20000 ETH). * ** ***

* The sum of 20,000 ETH per year excluding superprofits is the maximum possible theoretical profit, which is almost impossible to make in the first year, and the probability of its receipt tends to 0%.

** In practice, in real conditions, making HALF of this amount is quite realistic, and the probability of receiving it tends to 100% even in the first year.

*** But with the function "REPEAT", the ability to make 20,000 ETH per year (and more, thanks to inactive referrals) tends to 100% for EVERY DOUBLEWAY member.

4.10 Note.

If someone wants to buy a level more than you currently have, the funds for the purchase of a level will be automatically redirected to your upline from which you have bought this level.
Example: For some reason, you have stopped participating in the system or have lost access to your ethereum wallet. Suppose you have a 3rd level and your 4th line referral buys a 4th level from you. The money is redirected to your 4th line upline.
You will have enough time to buy each level in advance.
BUT! If someone has dropped out or did not buy the 4th level in your structure, then you, in addition to the remaining 15 transfers, will receive an additional 16 transfers for the 4th level, which are redirected from your 4th line referral to you.

5. Whats next? Repeat every month.

5.1. You have created structure of 2 referrals invited by yourself + 4 referral of teh 2nd line + 8 referrals of the 3rd line + 16 referral of th 4th line and so on = 510 referrrals, and have already received more than 20,000 ETH in about a year, then what? Just one time to get the money and thats all?

Over time, the money ceases to reach you and all profits go deep into the structure. And the cost of repeated purchases of levels is incomparably cheaper than the profits that you have already received, and which you can receive again if you repeat everything from the beginning. And you already have referrals, so you don’t need to invite anyone else.
Therefore, buy all the levels again, starting with the first. And, accordingly, every two months, receive anew the amount you collected for all the time.
All referrals that do NOT repurchase levels every two months become for You a "door" to all their referrals of the same line.
Therefore, the fewer people left in your structure, the greater your profit.
The principle of work is similar to paragraph 4.10.

Each level lasts 64 days. Each level extension is the same time.
Each level can be bought for a maximum of 2 periods of 64 days in advance. If your referral bought a level 2 times in a row, then you get all this money.
Data on all levels in a convenient form are presented in a personal account.

6. Guarantees

If you build a large structure with which you will receive money every two months, only increasing income and if referrals become inactive, then what KIND OF GUARANTEE you will receive that the site does not close or that the administration will not stop supporting the project?

6.1. Guarantee that your Ethereum wallet will NOT be blocked.

Ethereum wallet blocking is impossible by definition due to the blockchain features.
The reverse side of the coin: if you lose control of your wallet, no one will restore it to you.
We never ask you to enter your private keys.

6.2. The guarantee that your account in the system will NOT be blocked or hacked.

Blocking or hacking an account is also impossible by definition. Your account is NOT on the website and servers, but in the smart contract on the Ethereum main network. This means that no one, including those who develop a smart contract, CAN NOT theoretically even change, correct or delete it.
Information on the site in your account is available WITHOUT PASSWORD, and is uploaded to the site from the public statistics of the Ethereum smart contract.

6.3. The guarantee that you are protected from the termination of the site and the disappearance of the administration.


Smart, contract and your account exists autonomously from the site, and even closing the site can not make changes to the System, given that each of your withdrawn referral repeatedly increases your profits (see the example above in note 4.9).


Any programmer in the world can make a mirror site of the same smart contract.


Group leaders (both your upline and your referrals) can make a site for a specific team.

Each member is protected even for this point. Join now, while everything is just beginning!))

Are you a leader?

DOUBLEWAY provides 8 levels of repeated profit, depending on your affiliate structure

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