Trust Wallet FAQ



Create a wallet or import a pirvate key

Step 1. Read the warning, click "I agree ", "Continue ".

Step 2. Save or write down on paper the 12 words that you see on the screen. Do not tell anyone this 12 words.

Step 3. Select the words in the right order , click "Continue ".

Step 4. The wallet is created, click "Done ".

Step 5. Choose Ethereum

To copy your Ethereum wallet address, click "Copy ".

To import a private key into Trust Wallet:

Step 1. Copy the private key.

Step 2. Open Trust Wallet.

Step 3. Go to "settings", press "wallets", click "plus sign" in the top right corner.

Step 4. Press "import wallet", select "Ethereum" network.

Step 5. Choose "private key" option, paste your private key and press "import".


How to fill up the wallet

Step 1. Open Trust Wallet application.

Step 2. Chooese "Ethereum".

Step 3. Click "Get " to find your address to send via exchangers or QR-code to send from another smartphone.

The process of filling up the Ethereum wallet through exchange services is described in Ethereum FAQ in the section "How to fill up your Ethereum wallet?".

Note. Ethereum wallet have to be filled up with a margin for the "gas ", such as 0.085 ETH.


Automatic registration in DoubleWay

Step 1. Copy the referral link that you came from. Do not open it, just copy it.

Step 2. Go to the Trust Wallet application

Step 3. Select in the bottom menu DApps (browser)

Step 4. In the address bar of the built-in browser insert the DoubleWay referral link.

Step 5. Click the button " sign up" to go to the registration page.

Step 6. Click on the "Sign up in 1 click " button and confirm the registration.

Step 7. After a successful transaction, you will be redirected to your personal account.

Note. If you came to the site without a referral link, but you know the id or Ethereum address of your upline, then on the registration page, you can enter either id or Ethereum address of your upline.